My name is Dylan Shade. My ultimate goal is to make the world a better place through the use of technology and music.

I have been a musician my entire life playing piano, singing in choirs, and also writing music. I have found that my creativity is embedded in my love of technology and computer programming as well.

This program can take musical notes as user input and will tell you what chord those notes create. It works for intervals, triads and seventh chords. Just enter the notes of your chord like this: A C# E. Flats are simply notated with a 'b', and sharps (even multiple sharps) with a '#'. A triple flat could be used simply like this: Cb Ebb Gbb Bbbb, and multiple sharps like this: B D# F##. The program is not case sensitive, but it is space sensitive, so if it's not working, try seperating the notes by a space.

This is an open source project, click here to view the GitHub repository!

If you run into a different issue, you can email me at

Feel free to support me through Patreon, or by simply listening to my music!